About Us

  • Before Rabigala's Story Begins:

The founder of Rabigala started out as an outdoor ski resort staff, wandering around the ski resort every day to help people who are not very good at skiing. And check the situation on the ski slopes to prevent accidents. It is because of this job that the founder of Rabigala is particularly interested in skiing and ski equipment. Skiing is an activity that he cannot do without every day.

  • Creation of Rabigala:

On the ski slopes, the Rabigala founders have seen too many unforeseen situations caused by ski equipment issues that could have been avoided. At the same time, seeing more and more reports related to "young people would rather sleep at home than go out to exercise", the founder of Rabigala decided to change this situation. He decided to help more people participate in outdoor sports and let more people feel the charm of outdoor sports. It is with this belief that Rabigala was born.

  • Orientation for Rabigala:

After Rabigala was founded, the founder of Rabigala was very clear about his goal, that is, to make good ski equipment and professional ski equipment. Acting without delay, the founder of Rabigala found a few like-minded friends and started the production of Rabigala ski equipment. After a lot of investigation, the founder of Rabigala set his sights on ski goggles, because among many ski equipment, ski goggles need to solve the most problems, which gives Rabigala enough space.

  • Get Started With Ski Goggle Making:
  1. After clarifying the specific direction, the founder of Rabigala began to try to make Rabigala's first ski goggles. Although full of enthusiasm, everyone knows that this process is extremely difficult. At first, the Rabigala team made improvements and upgrades for the many problems of ski goggles on the market, such as easy fogging, ski goggle straps that cannot fit helmets, and ski goggles foam padding that can cause allergies. But during the testing phase of the Rabigala ski goggles, there was always one question that plagued the founders of Rabigala.
  2. During the on-site measurement of Rabigala ski goggles, it was found that the tester would have large gaps after wearing the ski goggles. No matter how the ski goggles were adjusted, these gaps could not disappear. These gaps caused the cold wind to enter the ski goggles through these gaps when the testers were skiing, hitting the testers' eyes and preventing them from skiing smoothly.
  3. After many investigations, the founder of Rabigala found that it turned out that the design of Rabigala ski goggles did not take into account the different face shapes of different people. The Rabigala design team did not design ski goggles specifically for the face shapes of European and American men and women, which caused many testers to have large gaps after wearing ski goggles.
  • Ski Goggles Designed for European and American Men and Women:
  1. After finding the problem, the Rabigala design team collected a lot of data for the first time, and designed European and American versions of ski goggles suitable for European and American men and women according to the average facial curves of European and American men and women. In the subsequent live field test session, the problem of gaps after wearing has been resolved.
  2. Now, the problems of ski goggles fogging, ski goggle strap problems, ski goggle foam padding easily leading to allergies, and ski goggles gaps have all been solved. The founder of Rabigala felt that the Rabigala ski goggles had already met the conditions for meeting everyone.
  • Unexpected Result:
  1. After the launch of Rabigala ski goggles, in less than 6 months, more than 300,000 people have chosen Rabigala ski goggles, and 50% of them have repeated purchases. The result surprised the Rabigala founders, as it far exceeded Rabigala's expectations.
  2. After being surprised, the Rabigala founder was even more convinced that he was going in the right direction. With the support of this order, Rabigala started the development of other ski equipment, but the principle remains the same: high-quality products, and affordable prices. After that, Rabigala successively launched OTG ski goggles, ski helmets, and other equipment, more Rabigala ski equipment will help more people.