Our Company

Help People Discover the Charm of Outdoor Sports:

Rabigala, as a professional outdoor sports brand, focuses on fashion and environmental protection. It is specially created for European and American men and women and is committed to helping people discover the charm of outdoor sports. It is with this belief that Rabigala has been helping more and more people to participate in outdoor sports through its strength so that more and more people can enjoy the charm of outdoor sports and feel the beauty of outdoor sports.

Rabigala has been integrating more advanced technology into ski goggles through its own strength, bringing high-quality ski goggles at affordable prices, and bringing better products to more people. Help more and more people enter outdoor sports and feel the charm of outdoor sports. Let more people who like outdoor sports no longer lose interest in outdoor sports because of the price.

Adhere to Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development:

While growing, Meyrone has not forgotten its responsibility to protect the environment. While helping more people discover the beauty of the outdoors, we have been insisting on protecting the environment. The natural environment is shared by everyone, and a beautiful environment is the basis for attracting more people to enter the outdoors.

Production Process Improvements:

In order to reduce pollution, Rabigala has made a lot of measures. Improve the spraying process and reduce material loss. Improve the production process, and effectively reduce the generation of waste materials. Not only that, Rabigala further improved the coating process and improved the coating formula. Under Rabigala's strict production requirements, the material loss in the production of ski goggles has been reduced by about 30%. In a variety of ways, Rabigala is doing its part for environmental protection.

Use Recyclable Packaging:

In the outer packaging of ski goggles, Rabigala also intends to change, put an end to the use of traditional plastic boxes, and use degradable materials imported from the United States to make paper packaging boxes. Not only sturdy and durable but also sustainable, whether it is used as a normal packaging box or a storage box, there is no problem. And the material can be completely degraded without any environmental pollution problems.

Social Welfare Donations:

While making changes, Rabigala also contributes its modest efforts by sponsoring social welfare activities, social donations, and donating environmental protection funds. Rabigala has always insisted that while developing itself, it should also actively give back to society.

Mutual Help, Equality and Respect:

At Rabigala, everyone is equal, whether it is the technical staff in charge of production or the management staff. Mutual help, equality, and respect are the rules that every member of Rabigala must abide by. Rabigala has zero tolerance for misogynistic incidents, and the founders of Rabigala prevent such incidents from happening in Rabigala.

Learn About The Work and Life of Employees:

The founders of Rabigala often go to the production workshop to see the daily work of employees and understand the work and life of employees. Provide timely support to employees who need help. "Rabigala is the best company I have encountered. The owner is approachable and cares very much about our work and life. I am very fortunate to be an employee of Rabigala" This is the heartfelt thought of most Rabigala employees.