Environmental protection of production (from raw materials to final cost); management of various social responsibility systems of manufacturers, control of quality standards, and restraint of ethics.

Adhering to environmental protection and sustainable development is a thing that Rabigala has been insisting on since its inception, which is also the responsibility and obligation of Rabigala. Since its inception, Rabigala has taken practical actions to demonstrate its determination to adhere to sustainable development and protect the environment.

While constantly launching new products, Rabigala has not forgotten its own philosophy and original intention: adhere to the protection of the environment and sustainable development.In response to the issuance of the global plastic restriction order, Rabigala responded positively. On the outer packaging box of the ski goggles, the previous plastic packaging box has become the current recyclable environmental protection packaging box. The raw materials of the packaging box are imported from the United States, and all the packaging boxes are degradable materials, and achieve zero pollution.

Improve production processes and reduce waste generation

Rabigala has strict requirements for its production plants and various manufacturers, not only the control of raw materials but also for each production process, Rabigala will strictly control the requirements to minimize the generation of defective products. In the opinion of founder Park, the appearance of defective products is inevitable, but we can work hard to minimize the probability of defective products. Every additional piece of waste material produced means that the environment is polluted a little more.

Start from yourself, adhere to environmental protection

The sea is formed by the gathering of small streams, and the endless grassland is also composed of small grasses. It is an inconspicuous little thing. If you stick to it, you can often have unexpected results. Rabigala believes and stands by this. From the very beginning of its establishment, Park has been advocating for everyone to save electricity and water. If the behavior of wasting water and electricity is found, it will be corrected in time.

Actively participate in social welfare activities

Environmental protection is not just talking, but must be implemented in concrete actions. Rabigala also responded positively in this regard. For the public welfare activities of community organizations, Rabigala provided financial and material support, and mobilized employees to actively participate. In Rabigala, Park and his friends also often organize Rabigala employees to carry out various activities, sometimes to plant trees, sometimes to clean up garbage by the river, and so on. Every time, a large number of employees are with Park and them, which makes Park and them very happy. Maybe their behavior infected everyone, or maybe everyone pays more and more attention to the environment. In short, Park and his friends are very happy to see everyone's enthusiasm for protecting the environment.

Rabigala firmly believes that environmental protection and sustainable developments are the obligations and responsibilities of everyone, and everyone should do their part for it. Only by making our environment better, will more people come to the outdoors and feel the charm of outdoor sports.