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CA VS PC - Why Choose CA Ski Goggle Inner Lens?

The popularity of skiing has also led to the rapid development of ski equipment, among which ski goggles have the fastest development speed among many ski equipment. Because the ski and snowboard goggles used in different environments are different, and the ski goggles used on sunny days, cloudy days, snowy days, and at night are different, in order to ski in different environments, ski goggles have become more and more important. The novel design allows every skier to choose according to his own preferences.

double-layer lens snow goggles

Ski goggle lenses are an important part of ski goggles, and they play an important role. The strong light from the outside and various impurities in the air are blocked by the ski goggle lenses, so that your eyes can be fully protected during skiing. Ski goggle lenses are now designed with double-layer lenses, the outer lens is a PC lens, and the inner lens is a CA lens.

PC outer lens, its functions, and various benefits have been described in detail before, you can click here to view. Then why do you use CA instead of PC for the inner lens of ski goggles? From the previous explanation of the PC outer lens, you can know that there is a very important parameter in the outer lens of ski goggles: the VLT value, which is the light transmittance of the lens. Manufacturers change the light transmittance of the lens through various techniques, such as changing the color of the google lens, to achieve the conditions of use in special weather. But the inner lens does not have this VLT value. Compared with CA lenses, PC lenses are not as transparent as CA lenses, so they are not very suitable as inner lenses for ski goggles.

blue lens snow goggles

Moreover, CA lenses have the characteristics of good air permeability, fast drying, no electrostatic adsorption, non-toxic and harmless, and non-allergic to skin contact for a long time. CA is one of the most ideal materials for the inner lenses of ski goggles that are very close to the eyes, and it will not cause damage to the eyes even if they are worn for a long time. The lens made of CA material has better hardness and transparency than the PC lens, so it is very suitable to be used as the inner lens of ski goggles.

Meryone ski goggles, all types of ski goggle lenses are composed of PC outer lens + CA inner lens, processed by various coating technologies, no matter in terms of safety or function, you can trust Meryone. In Meryone, there is bound to be a suitable one of the best ski goggles for you.

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