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Do Cycling Glasses Make A Difference?

Cycling glasses, also known as cycling sunglasses, are a must-have piece of equipment for cycling enthusiasts and play an important role in eye protection. If it can only protect the eyes, what is the difference between cycling glasses and ordinary eyes? For eye protection, in addition to blocking wind, sand, and dust, cycling glasses can also resist ultraviolet rays and prevent eyes from being burned. If it is cycling glasses with a polarized effect, it can also help the rider to obtain a clearer vision and improve the safety of riding.

So what is the difference between cycling glasses and ordinary glasses? Next will be announced one by one. The first is the difference in the lens material. Most ordinary glasses use resin lenses, while most cycling glasses use PC lenses, and a few use nylon lenses. Compared with resin lenses, PC lenses, and nylon lenses have stronger optical performance, which is more conducive to the rider's clear vision and eye protection.

Then there is the treatment of the lens. The lenses of cycling glasses need to undergo multiple treatments, such as polishing, shaping, coating, etc. When the lens is coated, it is different from ordinary glasses. The lenses of cycling glasses need to be able to withstand UV400 rays, and for special needs, there are also photochromic lenses, night vision lenses, anti-glare, anti-glare, etc. Therefore, the lenses of cycling glasses are different from ordinary lenses.

Then there is the choice of frame. Ordinary spectacle frames may be metal frames or PC frames, while the frames of cycling glasses include PC frames, TR90 frames, and other material frames. And for the processing of the frame, cycling glasses are also more complicated. Considering the riding time, the frames of cycling glasses must be gentle and skin-friendly, not cause skin allergies, and need to be soft and comfortable. In addition, the frame of cycling glasses generally has a variety of wearing methods, which can be worn directly, or the temples can be removed and worn on the head with straps. This is also the difference from ordinary glasses.

In conclusion, cycling glasses can make a significant difference for anyone who spends a lot of time on their bike. They offer crucial protection for your eyes, improve visibility on the road, reduce eye strain, and come in a variety of styles and colors to fit your personal preferences. When choosing a pair of cycling glasses, be sure to consider factors like fit, lens quality, and frame material to ensure that you get the best possible pair for your needs.

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