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What are the Advantages of PC Ski Goggles Lenses?

Skiing is an outdoor sport that many people are most keen on in winter, because the intense and exciting experience in the process can arouse the inner excitement of skiers. Every skier has his own goal, to conquer the ski trails and mountains. With their own goals, skiers put on their ski equipment, climb mountains, and wade across rivers, just to enjoy the process.

meryone snowboard goggles

When skiing outdoors, we need to pay attention to protecting our bodies, and physical safety should always be the first priority. So when doing outdoor skiing, every skier needs to wear a good set of ski equipment. Among all kinds of ski equipment, the most important thing is snowboard goggles, which play a vital role in protecting our eyes.

Now, most of the outer lenses of ski goggles use PC lenses. What is the reason why they all choose PC material as the raw material for the outer ski goggles lenses? PC is actually polycarbonate, which is one of the more common plastic materials nowadays, and it is non-toxic, so many industries use PC as raw material to make products, such as baby bottles, space cups, etc. This fully shows that the security of the PC product is guaranteed.

snow goggles for men and women

Moreover, the heat resistance and cold resistance of PC are also very good. It can be used normally in the temperature range of -45°- 135°. It will not crack at low temperatures and will not melt at high temperatures. This is one of the reasons why ski goggles use it as a raw material.

The outer lens material of Meryone ski goggles is made of PC, which has excellent hardness and toughness, and easy coating. These characteristics allow Meryone to produce ski goggles with various characteristics, which are high in hardness and toughness, and will not break easily. After various coating treatments, Meryone ski goggles can be used in different environments, and overcome the disadvantage of non-wear-resistant PC materials. It is a ski goggle worth choosing for skiers.

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