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What is Special About Cycling Sunglasses?

Cycling is a very common sport. When riding, everyone will wear a lot of protective equipment, such as cycling helmets, cycling sunglasses, knee pads, elbow pads, sun protection clothing, etc. These are all aspects of protection that can provide to cyclists, especially cycling sunglasses. Cycling sunglasses are not only used to resist wind and dust, but most importantly, they can prevent the sun from damaging the rider's eyes.

Cycling glasses have such a great effect, so is there anything special about them? Compared with ordinary sunglasses, cycling glasses have many special features. The first is the lens. The ordinary sunglasses lens has no other functions except to resist ultraviolet rays. The lenses of cycling sunglasses will have better optical functions, such as polarizing functions. The lenses with polarizing functions can prevent riders from being disturbed by glare under strong light and can see more clearly.

Then there is the shape design of cycling sunglasses, which will be improved and optimized in many details. In order to better reduce the resistance brought by the air, the appearance design of cycling sunglasses generally refers to aerodynamics. Based on the premise of wearing experience, the air resistance is minimized.

For long-term wear, cycling sunglasses are usually made of safe and skin-friendly materials, and the treatment on the temples is also different from ordinary sunglasses. Cycling sunglasses need to remain on the rider's head for a long time without falling off easily, which requires greater friction.

In short, compared with ordinary sunglasses, cycling sunglasses have many special features. These special features are all to give cyclists more help and make riding smoother and safer.

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