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What Kind of Swimming Goggles Are Suitable for Beginners?

In the hot summer, swimming is a very popular sport, a good swimming goggles is an indispensable piece of equipment in swimming sports. For first time swimmers, choosing the right pair of goggles for you is especially important. Comfort, ease of use, and fit are 3 very important points when choosing swimming goggles.

Type of Goggles:
First of all, the type of goggles, there are two types of mainstream swimming goggles, one is large frame goggles and the other is small frame goggles. In some of the more specialized competitions, small frame goggles are used, and these goggles are more suitable for professional swimmers. For beginners, large frame swimming goggles are more suitable for them because they are simple and easy to use. Moreover, large frame goggles have bigger lenses, which can block more sun rays and UV rays when swimming outdoors.

rabigala polarized swimming goggles

Swimming goggles are paraphernalia that needs to be worn, and their comfort can have a big impact on the swimmer's experience. All goggles have a ring of soft silicone gaskets or silicone spacers on the part of the goggle that comes in contact with the area around the eyes, and they don't just ensure that outside water doesn't penetrate the inside of the goggle, but they also make it more comfortable for the swimmer. But different people will have different experiences wearing the same pair of goggles, so be sure to choose a pair that is comfortable to wear.

comfortable swimming goggles - Rabigala swim goggles for men

Easily Adjustable Straps:
Currently, the mainstream swimming goggles are designed with one or 2 adjustable straps on the back, their function is to adjust the tightness of the goggles, so that the goggles can fit your head more closely and prevent water from seeping in. It also ensures that the goggles won't suddenly fall off during swimming, so when choosing your goggles, make sure that the straps can be adjusted to loosen or tighten smoothly.

swim goggles straps - Rabigala swim goggles

Rabigala swimming goggles - Anti-fog swim goggles

Since there is a certain temperature difference between air and water, many swimming goggles will fog up in a short time when they suddenly go underwater. Therefore, when selecting swimming goggles, it is best to choose goggles with anti-fog function. Swimming goggles with anti-fog function, even if the sudden entry into the water, the lens will not immediately fog, which can ensure clear vision in the swimming process. This is very important for beginners who are not used to adjusting their goggles frequently.

UV Protection:
UV protection is of utmost importance when swimming outdoors, as the sun's UV rays can cause great damage to your eyes. A pair of swim goggles with UV protection will keep your eyes safe from UV damage while swimming outdoors.

As a beginner swimmer, it is generally not possible to invest an excessive amount of money in swim goggles, and at this point, affordable, quality products are the choice of most beginners. Until you are more confident in your swimming strokes and your swimming prowess has improved, it is not too late to invest a larger amount of money in goggles.

Swimming goggles for men and women - Rabigala swimming goggles

Keep in mind that personal preferences will also play a role in choosing the right swim goggles for you. Some may prefer smaller, cooler, more stylish swim goggles, while others find larger frames more comfortable to use. Don't hesitate to try out many different styles of swim goggles and you'll be able to find the right one for you.

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