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What's the Function of the Ski Goggles Inner Lens?

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People who often ski or are new to skiing have one or more sets of ski equipment of their own, including snow goggles, snow helmets, ski suits, skis, ski boots, and other ski equipment. Among these ski gear, ski goggles play the greatest role in protecting skiers' eyes. When buying ski equipment, the time to choose ski goggles is often relatively long.

Anyone who is familiar with ski goggles knows that ski goggles are composed of ski goggle lenses, frames, face foam, ski goggle strap, and slide buckles, and these parts constitute the ski goggles themselves. Among these structures, the ski goggle lens is the most important, because the ski goggle protects our eyes mainly because of the role of the lens. On the one hand, the ski goggle lens can block the damage caused by many external physical factors to the eyes. The main thing is that the ski goggle lens can block the harmful rays from the sun and prevent damage to the eyes caused by strong light and various harmful rays.

This is the function of the outer lens, what is the function of the inner lens? In fact, the role of the inner lens is also very large, and it is an indispensable part. In terms of lens material, the inner lens material is CA, which is non-toxic and harmless and has good skin-friendly properties. You can see various CA material products everywhere in life. All kinds of daily necessities processed with CA are sold in shopping malls all over the world. From toothbrushes to the clothes we wear, there are CA ingredients. The lens made of CA is not only safe, but also has high strength and high transparency. While it can withstand high impact, it can also freely transmit sunlight. It is the best choice for the inner lens of ski goggles for women and men.

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Ski goggles are worn around people's eyes, and human eyes are extremely easy to radiate heat, which will make the difference between the air temperature inside the snow glasses and the outside air temperature larger, which will easily lead to fogging inside the goggles. If it is a single-layer lens, the inside of the lens may fog up within minutes of putting on the ski goggles. In the case of double-layer lenses, CA lenses and PC lenses form a double-layer structure, and the anti-fog effect is greatly improved.

Moreover, in the inner lens of the best ski goggles, there is usually a special anti-fog coating. The anti-fog ability of this layer of coating is very good, and it can even be free of fog for 120 seconds at the longest. Therefore, the inner lens of ski goggles has one of the same functions as the outer lens: to protect the user's eyes. In addition, it has an anti-fog effect, so you don't have to worry about lens fogging during skiing.

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