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Why Some Ski Goggles Have Several Holes On The Lens?

Winter is the prime time to start skiing. Skiing, as one of the few outdoor sports in winter, is highly sought after by everyone all over the world. Especially outdoor skiing, compared with indoor skiing, outdoor skiing is full of various uncertainties, and it is these uncertainties that attract more and more people to challenge.

If you want to go skiing outdoors, you can't do without a set of suitable ski equipment, ski goggles, ski helmets, ski suits, sleds, snowboards, etc. These are all necessary skiing equipment. The role of these types of equipment in skiing is irreplaceable, and each piece of equipment has its role. Snow goggles are very important in this equipment. Whether it is to ensure the smooth progress of skiing or to protect the skiers themselves, ski goggles play a vital role.

When buying ski goggles, if you observe carefully, you will find that on the outer lens of ski goggles, some have several small holes on the top of the lens, some have 2 on each side, and some have 3 on each side. And some ski goggles lenses have no holes. Why? In fact, these holes are related to a very important function of ski goggles, that is anti-fog ski goggles.

Anyone who loves skiing knows that the most feared thing during skiing is the fogging of the ski goggles. Because the fogging of the ski goggles will appear inside the ski goggles, which will seriously affect the skier's sight, which is very dangerous during the skiing process. The root cause of fogging is that the temperature difference between the inside and outside air of the ski goggles is too large. So, the hot air inside the ski goggles meets the cold ski goggle lenses, and the water in the air liquefies when cold to form small water droplets, which adhere to the lenses, resulting in fogging of the lenses.

Although the ski goggles have a basic anti-fog design, the holes on the lens allow the outside cold air to quickly enter the inside of the ski goggles during the skiing process, keeping the air temperature difference between the inside and outside of the ski goggles. The air temperature inside the ski goggles will not be too much higher than the outside, and it will not cause the ski goggles to fog easily. This design plays a certain role in the anti-fog of ski goggles.

Meryone ski goggles Craneld is designed with lens digging holes, which effectively improves the fogging problem of ski goggles. And Meryone ski goggles are specially designed according to the facial shape of European and American people. In terms of user experience, it is incomparable with other ski goggles. Choose the Meryone ski goggles and enjoy your skiing.

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