Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing on Rabigalasport.
If you have other questions, please just send it to rabigalasport@gmail.com.

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After clicking "CHECKOUT", you can see the discount code input box. Then just click "Apply", and the discount code will take effect.

First of all, please confirm that the credit card you are currently using can make payments normally, and we recommend that you use Chrome and Safari. If you use other browsers, the payment may not be successful due to payment environment problems.


After your successful payment, we will process your order information within 24 hours and send out your package within 48 hours.

Because the east and west of the United States are too large, and there are many affiliated islands, the arrival time of packages varies from place to place. Here is the average delivery time of packages:


Estimated Delivery Time

Order Value

Shipping Cost



Standard Shipping

Shipping Time: 10-13 business days



Free Shipping

Expedited Shipping

Shipping Time: 3-8 business days



Return & Exchanges

We apologize for the inconvenience, but at this time we are unable to process exchanges. If you choose to replace the order of other specifications of this product, please contact us through this email: rabigalasport@gmail.com For the specific return policy, please also refer to HERE.


There are 2 ways to get discount codes. The first one is to subscribe on the homepage of our website, and you can get discount codes automatically. The second is the event discount code that we release from time to time. You can follow our social accounts such as Facebook to get the latest event information at the first time.

Yes, we currently support PayPal payment and credit card payment, just choose your favorite payment method

Rabigalasport allows you to cancel your order for any reason except the non-cancelable merchandise. You will not be charged before the merchandise is packed. Otherwise, you will have to pay the shipping and other relevant charges if it is shipped already.


  • Yes, you can. Rabigalasport sells a series of lens replacement to give you flexible options. But it is for interchangeable snow goggles only so far. You can easily replace the lens with a simple magnetic snap.
  • Yes, you can.It is available for you to buy a separate frame.
  • VLT stands for visible light transmission. The level of VLT determines how much light travels through the lens of the goggle and then hits your eyes.
  • The different VLT categories are suitable for variable light conditions:

  1. Category 0: over 80% VLT bright to extremely bright light conditions

  2. Category 1: 43%-80% VLT medium to bright light conditions

  3. Category 2: 18%-43% VLT very low light conditions

  4. Category 3: 8%-18% VLT extremely low light conditions
  • Our merchandises are packed carefully before they are delivered in our internal system.
  • If your merchandise is found out damaged or defective after you open the parcel, please contact our customer service via phone or email. We will adopt instant solution after it is inspected damaged.

Whether it is sunglasses, cycling goggles or ski goggles, after use, it needs to be cleaned first, then put into a fiber bag, and then put into a glasses case for storage. This can greatly extend the life of the glasses.

  • We provide details for every products with specification picture and description, please check in every product page. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us on rabigalasport@gmail.com
  • Rabigalasport Ski Goggles offer you UV400 UV protection on the outer PC lens during the skiing.
  • Rabigalasport Ski Goggles can be compatible with the most helmets sold on the current market as their seamless frame curve, elastic head strap with the anti-slip silicone.
  • To avoid damaging the anti-fog coating on the inner CA lens when you are cleaning your ski goggles, please clean the lens carefully with a soft cloth. We provide details description, on it, please check in every product page. If you still have any problems, please feel free to contact us on rabigalasport@gmail.com
  • You can change the lenses of our Rimless Ski Goggles as it they are interchangeable by the magnets on the frame. So you directly and easily hold the lens and pull.
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