Our Community

In order to help more people participate in outdoor sports and feel the charm of outdoor sports.Rabigalasport feels that the continuous output of Rabigalasport products is not enough. Rabigalasport decided tostart from the surrounding area and take the initiative to guide more people around them toparticipate in outdoor sports. After thinking for a long time, Rabigalasport set her sights on communityactivities.

Neighboring Community Activities:

Park noticed that the surrounding community will hold some community activities from time to time, go to the nursing home to do volunteer work, or go out to climb the mountain to appreciate the beauty of nature, or clean the community, to give everyone a more comfortable living environment. But most of the people involved in these community activities are older, and young men and women are rarely seen.

Participate in Community Activities:

Rabigalasport decided to use her power to help young men and women in the community get involved in these activities. After making the event plan, Rabigalasport began to sponsor community-organized events for free from time to time, giving money and necessary supplies to support and rewarding Rabigalasport's professional ski goggles and other outdoor sports equipment to encourage more young people to participate. After holding several community events, Rabigalasport found that more and more young men and women participated in community events and received rewards

Rabigalasport Internal Activities:

After a successful community campaign, Rabigalasport found this to be a viable plan. With sufficient energy and passion, Rabigalasport does not regularly carry out various outdoor activities within the company, all members can participate and can bring family members to participate. The prize is a variety of outdoor sports equipment from Rabigalasport. Unexpectedly, in every event, we can see many employees leading their families to participate.

There is no doubt that Rabigalasport's strategy at community events and corporate events has been successful, and Rabigalasport's power has helped more young men and women get actively involved in the outdoors. Rabigalasport also firmly believes that with his continuous efforts, in the near future, there will be more and more people wearing Rabigalasport's various outdoor sports equipment to participate in their favorite outdoor sports.