Our Core Values

Ski Goggles Designed for European and American Men and Women:

Rabigala intends to help more people enter outdoor sports and let more people feel the charm of outdoor sports. As a professional sports brand, Rabigala's products are designed for European and American men and women. The main product ski goggles, in order to be more suitable for the faces of European and American men and women, the Rabigala design team specially conducted research on this and collected a lot of information. According to the average facial curves of European and American men and women, a European and American version of the ski goggles that is more suitable for European and American people is designed.

Different from ordinary ski goggles, Rabigala ski goggles have the most affordable price while incorporating a large number of advanced technologies. Because Rabigala feels the price of ski goggles shouldn't be a stumbling block on your ski trail.

Interact With Your Friends:

Outdoor sports are not just individual sports, they can also be a team effort. A person's sports are often relatively boring and uninteresting. Beautiful outdoor sports should be enjoying the fun of outdoor sports with a group of like-minded friends, and showing off your style in your favorite outdoor sports.

Things get a lot more fun when you're doing outdoor sports with friends. Outdoor sports are not only a hobby but also through your favorite outdoor sports, you can meet more interesting souls and enrich your emotional life. Rabigala, take you to feel the charm of outdoor sports and meet more interesting souls.

Our Advantages:

Rabigala was born to help more people participate in outdoor sports and feel the charm of outdoor sports. But relying on this belief alone, Rabigala knows he cannot succeed. Only by making good products can he be recognized by everyone. Therefore, from the day it was born, Rabigala has always adhered to the principle of the product first, and only provides high-quality ski goggles for everyone.

While insisting on the product first, Rabigala has also made improvements and upgrades for the many problems currently faced by ski goggles. Whether it is the problem of fogging of ski goggles, the quality of ski goggle lenses is not up to standard, or the problem of allergies caused by Foam Padding of ski goggles, and the gaps in ski goggles, the Rabigala design team, and R&D team have proposed solutions to these problems. And made concrete actions, these problems have been resolved.

In terms of product prices, Rabigala insists on making high-quality products at the most affordable prices. The founder of Rabigala believes that even a product that incorporates a lot of advanced technology should be affordable for everyone, and the price should not be the last threshold that hinders many ski enthusiasts.

Culture of Rabigala:

At Rabigala, you will see occasions where everyone is equal and respects each other, because at Rabigala, all acts of disrespect for people will be strongly condemned, and Rabigala has zero tolerance for such incidents. The ratio of male and female employees in Rabigala is 53%: 47%. Here, whether it is in work or life, whether male or female, everyone helps each other and respects each other.

Rabigala has always adhered to environmental protection and sustainable development. The founder of Rabigala believes that only by insisting on sustainable development can we have a good outdoor environment and enjoy the charm of outdoor sports. Therefore, 80% of the materials of Rabigala's products are degradable, and the outer packaging of the products can also be recycled. With each purchase, Rabigala donates to the Eco-Environmental Foundation, which advocates a sustainable lifestyle that recycles resources.

Rabigala believes that people who actively participate in outdoor sports will have unlimited vitality and creativity. Feel the beauty of outdoor sports, and stimulate people's desire for outdoor sports.