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Are PC Ski Goggle Lenses Safe?

As one of the necessary pieces of equipment for skiing, ski goggles are also the most important piece of equipment for skiers. The low quality ski goggles will not only cause differences in experience, but also affect the skiing experience of skiers. If the quality of ski goggles is poor, it is extremely easy to cause great harm to the skiers, especially in the eyes, which are one of the weakest parts of the human body, and the damage caused is irreversible.

meryone snowboard goggels

Therefore, choosing ski goggles is a skill that every skier must master. A good ski goggles is not only to integrate various advanced technologies, but also not only a brand, but more importantly, it must be safe. If wearing it will cause danger to the user, or endanger the personal safety of the user, then it is not a qualified ski goggles.

Now, most of the outer lenses of ski goggles use PC as the raw material. Some people may ask: Is the ski goggle lens made of PC safe? Undoubtedly the answer it is safe. As a material commonly used in most industries now, PC is made into various products, such as feeding bottles and water cups, which are products that each of us needs to use in our daily life. Therefore, PC has no problem at all in terms of material safety.

There is no problem with the raw materials, so is the safety of the finished PC material trustworthy? Of course, this is also possible. PCs can not only be used to make some finished products in our daily life, but also can be used to make various high-tech finished products. When the PC lens is processed to a certain thickness, it can be used to make bulletproof glass, and it can be used to make PC bulletproof glass, and the strength can be guaranteed. Moreover, PCs can also be made into various high-tech products, such as the portholes of space shuttles and the masks of space suits.

snow ski goggels

The outer lens of Meryone ski goggles is made of PC material, which has high hardness and good toughness. With the support of various coating technologies, the shortcoming of PC not being wear-resistant is perfectly solved. Even when used in cold weather, the lenses of Meryone ski goggles will not crack, which is a very affordable ski goggles.

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