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CA Lens VS Resin Lens, What is the Advantage of the CA Inner lens?

Winter is the most suitable season for skiing. When winter comes, people who like skiing all over the world will prepare their ski gear, go to their favorite ski resorts, and start a ski trip. Among the many ski equipment, there are ski helmets, ski goggles, snowboards, skis, ski boots, as well as warm ski socks, ski gloves, ski masks and so on. Only with perfect ski equipment can you go skiing with confidence.

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Ski goggles are an important piece of equipment among many ski equipment. When buying snow goggles, if you are new to skiing, you may not know what kind of ski goggles are suitable for you. For people who have skied for many years, the choosing ski goggles is relatively simple. Because when buy ski goggles, you have to consider not only the appearance of the ski goggles, but also the parameters of the ski goggles, such as the type of ski goggles, the color of the lens, and the light transmittance of the lens. In different weathers, the requirements for ski goggles lenses are different.

Currently, most ski goggles sale are double-layer lens designs, PC outer lenses, and CA inner lenses. In fact, ski goggles are also called snow goggles. Compared with other goggles, it is necessary to consider the conditions of use on the snow and add corresponding functions. Many goggles use resin as the lens material, but ski goggles have different lens materials. Why is the inner lens of ski goggles choose CA?

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Compared with CA, the resin has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, the lenses of many myopia glasses are made of resin. After processing, resin lenses have high precision, good brightness, clear edges, and corners, are not easy to wear and scratch, and other advantages, are extremely suitable for making lenses. The CA material has performance, such as superior firmness and transparency, and can be made into a series of materials rich in sensory experience, and is often used to make various sunglasses. Both materials have their advantages, but if it is used to make the inner snowboard goggle lenses, the overall advantage of CA material is higher than that of resin, and it is more suitable for making inner lenses of ski goggles.

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