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What Are The Advantages of PC Ski Goggle Lenses?

Snow goggles is an essential piece of equipment in skiing, and skiers have high requirements for their safety and comfort. Because ski goggles are the protection for skiers' eyes, they must not only resist the stimulation of the eyes from the cold wind when skiing, but also resist the sunlight and ultraviolet rays reflected from the snow, to prevent the strong light from burning the eyes, thereby causing snow blindness.

Now the outer lenses of ski goggles are usually made of PC as raw material, and there are various coating treatments. The gorgeous ski goggle lenses will make you dazzled. Then why choose PC?

First of all, PC is a safe and non-toxic material. As a widely used material, PC is used to make various daily necessities, including baby bottles, water cups, various tableware, and other daily necessities. The material that can be used to make milk bottles shows that its safety has been recognized by the world.

Secondly, the PC material has the characteristics of high hardness, high elastic coefficient, high impact strength, and wide operating temperature range, which are very suitable for the use conditions of ski goggle lenses. Because ski goggles are used in extremely cold weather, high hardness and high impact strength can ensure that even if there is an impact, the ski goggle lens will not easily break, causing your eyes to hurt.

meryone ski snow goggles

Then there is the excellent coating ability of PC, which can carry out various coating treatments on PC materials, which is also required for ski goggles lenses. In order to adapt to different environments and weather, the ski goggle lenses must be coated differently, and PC lenses can perfectly match this requirement.

Meryone ski goggles are made of PC as the outer lens material. They have high hardness and can withstand high impact strength. They can be coated with various coatings and can be perfectly competent for different ski fields and weather. They are one of the ski goggles you deserve.

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