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What Does the Film on the Inner Lens of Ski Goggles Do?

Choosing ski goggles are a big problem for many ski enthusiasts when buying ski equipment, because the ski goggles used in different weather are different. On sunny days, you should use ski goggles with low VLT value, so as to ensure that your eyes will not be burned by ultraviolet rays reflected by the snow surface. If you like to ski at night, you need to wear a pair of ski goggles with high VLT value and clear vision, so as to ensure that you can see the snow surface ahead and ski smoothly at night.

revo snow goggles

When you need to buy a new pair of ski goggles, you may go through an offline store and buy ski goggles in store, or buy it online. Buying online is more convenient than offline, and there is a wide variety, so you can easily find the type of ski goggles you like. Buying offline allows you to experience the product directly, so you can find the best snow goggles for your head shape this way. Meryone is specially designed for European and American men and women, and only makes ski goggles that fit the face shapes of European and American men and women.

Whether you buy ski goggels online or offline, after you receive the ski goggles, you should find that there is a film on the inside of the inner lens of the ski goggles. What is the effect of this? Why put this film on it? In fact, this is similar to some products with electronic display screens, such as TVs and computers, which will have a protective film before leaving the factory to protect the display screen. The same goes for the film on the inner lens of ski goggles.

During transportation, the package may be affected by various uncertain factors, which can easily cause damage to the ski goggles themselves. This film is used as a protective film to protect the inner lens of ski goggles, especially since there is a special anti-fog coating on the surface of the inner lens, which is extremely easy to be damaged by external factors. This film is also facing the layer of anti-fog coating Layers provide some protection.

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