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Is the CA Inner Lens of Ski Goggles Safe?

Anyone who skis often knows that ski goggles are a very important part of all ski equipment, so all ski enthusiasts will be more cautious in the choice of when buy ski goggles. The various functions, parameters, appearance design, and color of ski goggles will become important factors for ski enthusiasts to consider whether to buy. Moreover, the safety of ski goggles is a consideration for ski enthusiasts.

The safety of ski goggle lenses has been introduced before. The outer lens material is made of PC, and its safety has been recognized all over the world. Various household plastic products using PC as raw materials are found in shopping malls all over the world. In terms of safety, the outer lens of ski goggles made of PC material is very safe. But the snowboard goggle lenses is double-layered, there are two types of outer lens and inner lens, the outer lens is made of PC material, what about the inner lens?

ski and snow goggles

Most of the inner lenses of best snow goggles on the market are made of "CA" as the raw material, so what is "CA"? "CA" is actually the abbreviation of "Cellulose Acetate", which is a kind of man-made fiber, which is called "one of the most attractive materials" by all designers. Because it does not need to be processed through a very complicated process, it can have a changeable and beautiful appearance, and it will feel very comfortable in the hand.

The inner lens of ski goggles made of "CA" is not only very strong, but also has excellent transparency, which allows sunlight to pass through the inner lens of skiing goggles without weakening the intensity of light. Therefore, "CA" is often used to make a series of materials rich in sensory experience, which is why this material often appears in sunglasses that pay attention to tactile and visual experience.

snowboard goggles for men

And "CA" can also be made into many common daily necessities. For example, the toothbrush we use every day has "CA" in its raw materials. There are also various hand tools, hair combs, toys, game cards, dice, and more. Many of the daily necessities we usually encounter contain "CA" ingredients, such as toothbrushes, which need to enter the mouth, which is enough to prove that the safety of "CA" materials is guaranteed.

The safety of "CA" material is recognized all over the world, and its excellent firmness and transparency are very suitable for making inner lenses of ski goggles. The strong CA lens will not be easily broken when subjected to a strong impact, which can protect your eyes very well.

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