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What are the Advantages of Full Rim Ski Goggles?

When buying ski goggles, in addition to considering the function, color, format, and comfort of ski goggles, many people will also consider the appearance of ski goggles. Different people have different aesthetics. Some people like cylindrical ski goggles, some people like spherical snow goggles, some people like frameless ski goggles, and some people prefer Full rim ski goggles. Each type of ski goggles has its characteristics, and every qualified pair of ski goggles can be used for skiing.

Full rim ski goggles account for the largest proportion of ski goggles, while frameless ski goggles have become popular in recent years. Full rim ski goggles are actually ski goggles whose lenses are wrapped by the TPU ski goggle frame. In terms of safety, Full rim ski goggles are much higher than frameless ski goggles. It is not only reflected in the blocking of impurities in the external air, if there is a collision, but the framed ski goggles are also the first time the frame comes into contact with external objects. In this way, the lens can be prevented from being subjected to direct impact and will not be broken so easily.

Full rim snow goggles cover the lens in all directions. Unlike frameless ski goggles, the ski goggle lenses are exposed to the outside. In the event of a collision, especially if the edge of the lens is bumped, it is easy to cause cracks in the entire lens. Such ski goggles can no longer be used and the lenses must be replaced. For the Full rim ski goggles that are wrapped by the frame, the edge of the lens is effectively protected by the frame made of TPU material. External hard objects will not directly touch the edge of the lens, and the possibility of lens rupture is low.

Full rim ski goggles can better protect the lenses of ski goggles. Whether it is an accidental bump or an accidental impact while skiing, Full rim ski goggles can well protect the lenses, reduce the damage to the lenses, and reduce the probability of damage to the lenses. The possibility of eye injury due to broken lenses is greatly reduced. In terms of safety, full rim ski goggles are still higher.

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