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Why More and More Skiers Choose CA Inner Lens Ski Goggles?

Ski goggles are a must-have piece of sports equipment for every skiers in skiing , especially when skiing outdoors, skiers attach the highest importance to ski goggles among all ski equipment. Because ski goggles protect your eyes all the time during outdoor skiing, so that your eyes will not be harmed by the outside world. In the process of skiing, for the protection of eyes, snowboard goggles cannot be replaced by other ordinary goggles.

Structure diagram of ski goggles

Most of the ski goggles in store today are double-layer lenses, which are composed of an outer lens and an inner lens. The outer lens and the inner lens have their own functions, but the common function is to protect your eyes when skiing. In addition to isolating external damage, the ski goggle lens itself is also very important. The outer lens of the ski goggle is made of PC, which is absolutely safe and reliable. You may be wondering, what are the inner lenses of ski goggles made of?

The inner lens of best ski goggles is made of "CA", and the full name is "Cellulose Acetate". Among many materials, "CA" is chosen as the raw material for the inner lens of ski goggles. Why? First of all, "CA" is a man-made fiber with low cost and good weaving properties. It has the advantages of high toughness, transparency, and good gloss. It has good melt fluidity and is easy to shape and process. All kinds of superior characteristics make "CA" the raw material of the inner lens of ski goggles.

revo cylindrical ski goggles

After various stages of processing, the ski goggle lenses made of "CA" material is very strong and has high transparency. Its high toughness and high strength allow it to maintain the integrity of the lens even when it is subjected to violent impact. Moreover, its transparency can prevent the light intensity from being greatly weakened when the sunlight passes through the CA lens. These characteristics are very suitable for making products that pay attention to touch and visual experience, such as ski goggles and sunglasses.

And in terms of material safety, "CA" material has also been recognized by the world. All kinds of daily necessities using "CA" as raw materials can be seen everywhere in your daily life. Such as toothbrushes, screwdrivers, toys, game cards, hair combs, etc., all have the ingredient "CA", so you can rest assured in terms of safety.

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