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Why Recommend Beginners Choose Rabigala Large Frame Swimming Goggles?

Swimming goggles are an essential accessory for both recreational swimmers and those just starting their aquatic journey. As a beginner, it's crucial to find a pair of goggles that not only provide clear vision but also offer a comfortable fit. For most beginners, opting for swimming goggles with a large frame is the way to go.

Rabigala swim goggles - HD vision

Why is it recommended that beginners choose large-frame swimming goggles? Although in those professional swimming competitions in the world, athletes wear small-frame swimming goggles, because these kinds of swimming goggles can bring less resistance underwater, and are more suitable for professional swimmers. In terms of the choice of swimming goggles, there are also many brands to choose from, such as Zionor, Aqua, Speedo, and other well-known brands of swimming goggles. So what are the advantages of Rabigala's large-frame swimming goggles compared with these brands?

For beginners in swimming, the requirements for swimming goggles are not very high, but there are also some basic requirements, such as comfort, clarity, ease of use, and durability. For beginners, swimming goggles only need to meet their daily use needs, and the most crucial point is cost-effectiveness.

Premium Polycarbonate Lenses:
For beginners' swimming goggles, lenses are very important, and the first choice should be polycarbonate lenses. The lenses of this material have the advantages of scratch resistance, wear resistance, and UV protection. And polycarbonate lenses will be clearer than lenses made of other materials, and you can get a clearer vision underwater. Rabigala large-frame swimming goggles use high-quality polycarbonate lenses. A whole piece of polycarbonate lens can resist a larger area of ultraviolet rays and better protect the eyes.

rabigala adult swim goggles - wide vision

Food Grade Silicone Frame:
The second is the frame. The frame of most swimming goggles is made of silicone material, and the swimming goggles of Zionor, Aqua, and Speedo are no exception. This kind of swimming goggle frame made of silicone will be softer and more comfortable, and can better fit the curve of the person's face to achieve the best sealing. The sealing method of small frame swimming goggles is to use silicone lens rings to seal, which makes people have better sealing, but the internal pressure will also be greater, which will easily cause eye discomfort and redness over time.

rabigala kids swim goggles - 3D sealing comfort upgrade

rabigala large frame swim goggles

The Rabigala large-frame swimming goggles have a silicone skirt around the frame. After you wear the large-frame swimming goggles, the skirt can fit tightly on your face. To achieve better sealing, Rabigala deliberately refers to the 3D ergonomic design, so that these large-frame swimming goggles can achieve the best sealing. Wearing Rabigala large-frame swimming goggles for swimming, you don't have to worry about water seepage.

Easy-to-adjust 2-section Goggle Straps:
Lastly is the goggle strap. There are currently two types of mirror straps for swimming goggles. The first is a one-piece strap that cannot be opened. The other is a mirror strap with a one-button opening and closing buckle, which can be fastened and opened quickly. Compared with the one-piece goggle strap, this will be more convenient to put on and take off the goggles. Zionor, Aqua, and Speedo all use one-piece goggle straps, and basically, no goggles are paired with 2-piece goggle straps.

rabigala swim goggles strap - easy to adjust

The Rabigala large-frame swimming goggles use a 2-stage goggle strap, which can be opened and closed quickly. And the adjustment buckles on both sides, the adjustment of the tightness is very smooth, and the buckles are also very firm, which will not cause slipping. Wearing Rabigala goggles, you can enjoy swimming in the water with confidence.

For starters, Rabigala large-frame swimming goggles will bring greater convenience, high-quality polycarbonate lenses can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays and strong light, and bring high-definition vision. Large lenses and frames can effectively prevent raccoon eyes, and the frames made of food-grade silicone will not cause any discomfort to the skin. The 2-section mirror strap is easier to use. Choose Rabigala goggles to get the most out of your swimming.

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