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How Do the Inner Lenses of Snow Goggles Prevent Fog?

People who have been skiing for a long time have encountered a problem, that is, if the ski goggles are worn for a long time, the ski goggles lenses will fog up. This is a very serious problem that seriously threatens the personal safety of the skier himself. If the lens fogs up during skiing, it is easy for the skier to collide. So is there anything that can improve the problem of fog proof ski goggles?

anti fog snow goggles

The emergence of the double-layer lens design of ski goggles has greatly improved the problem of fogging ski goggles. From the structural point of view, it is just an extra layer of lenses, but it is this added inner lens of the ski goggles that has a very good anti-fog effect. First of all, there will be a layer of anti-fog coating on the inner lens of the ski goggles for men and women. This special anti-fog coating has different effects for different ski goggles. The more common anti-fog time is about 60 seconds, and the longer anti-fog coating fog time can even reach 120 seconds or even 240s.

In addition to the special anti-fog coating on the inner lens, there are other manifestations of the anti-fog effect. The outer lens and the inner lens of the ski goggle lens are bonded together by a layer of glue, but there is a certain distance between the two layers of lenses, which forms a small space, which is filled with air and can Effectively isolate the internal and external air of the ski goggles, and prevent the external air from directly contacting the internal air of the best snow goggles, which plays a balancing role. In this way, the air inside the ski goggles will not be easily liquefied and fogged.

If you are more careful, you will find that many ski goggles have holes in the lenses. Moreover, the top of the inner lens of the ski goggles has a wave-shaped design, which corresponds to the hole position of the outer lens. This design allows the air outside the ski goggles to enter the inside of the ski goggles through the outer hole, quickly discharges the hot air inside the ski goggles, and keeps the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the ski goggles within a certain range, so the inside of the ski goggles It won't be so easy to fog up.

The unique design of the inner lens of Meryone ski goggles and the special anti-fog coating has greatly improved the problem of fogging the ski goggles. When you wear ski goggles for skiing, you will not easily have the problem of fogging, which adds a guarantee to your ski trip.

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