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What are the Advantages of Non-porous Ski Goggle Lenses?

The popularity of skiing has also made various ski equipment more and more abundant. Ski goggles, ski helmets, ski suits, sleds, snowboards, snow pole belts, etc. These pieces of equipment are more common equipment in skiing. Among these ski equipment, ski goggles have the most styles. From the overall design point of view, there are three different ski goggles: cylindrical ski goggles, spherical ski goggles, and toric ski goggles, and each brand of ski goggles has its own unique design.

Different ski goggles have their own special features, such as cylindrical ski goggles, which were the more popular ski goggles in the early days. The surface curve of this ski goggle lens is like a column, the horizontal direction is curved, and the vertical direction is vertical. The spherical mirror is designed with reference to the human eyeball. Therefore, the spherical mirror is much better than the cylindrical mirror in terms of field of view.

But whether it is cylindrical snow goggles or spherical ski goggles, when you buy them, you will find that some ski goggles have several holes on the lens, and some ski goggles have no holes on the lens. Why? We know the benefits of having holes, which can balance the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the ski goggles, and have a better anti-fog effect. What are the advantages of ski goggle lenses without holes?

In fact, non-perforated lenses are the design of most snow boarding goggles. During skiing, the splashed snow and impurities in the air are blocked by the ski goggles lenses. If there are holes in the lenses, the snow and impurities in the air will likely enter the inside of the ski goggles through these holes. It is easy to affect your eyes, and if the situation is more serious, it may lead to unexpected conditions during skiing.

The non-porous design of ski goggle lenses is higher in safety than ski goggles with hole-digging design. The non-porous lens can isolate all external physical factors from the ski goggles and avoid these external factors from causing your eyes.

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