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Why Rimless Ski Goggles More And More Popular Now?

Ski goggles are a piece of ski equipment that everyone who loves skiing attaches great importance to. Everyone who likes skiing has at least one or more ski goggles that they like. Because good ski goggles not only have very complete functions, but also a comfortable experience. This ski goggle is qualified only after it is fully functional in all aspects and feels comfortable to wear by the skier himself.

When buying ski goggles, you will find that more and more rimless ski goggles are on the market. What are rimless ski goggles? Rimless ski goggles are ski goggles whose frames do not cover the lenses of the ski goggles, so that the lenses are all displayed in front of your eyes. Such ski goggles are called "rimless ski goggles". In addition to rimless ski goggles, we see that most of the ski goggles are still wrapped by the frame, and these ski goggles account for most of the current.

Compared with framed ski goggles, frameless ski goggles look more beautiful than framed ski goggles in appearance, and for the ski goggles themselves, the lenses must be in good condition. If the lens is damaged, it is very dangerous to ski. It is easy to break the entire ski goggle lens due to a little crack in the lens, which is very likely to cause damage to your eyes.

In rimless ski goggles, the lenses are all exposed, you can easily see the small problems on the lenses when you buy them, to avoid buying ski goggles with defective lenses. Moreover, compared with framed ski goggles, frameless ski goggles will have a wider field of vision. During the skiing process, it is easier to see the situation on both sides and the front, and avoid accidents.

If you need rimless ski goggles, Meryone SKG 699 is a very good choice. This Meryone ski goggle has a rimless design and a magnetic detachable lens, which can be replaced in 2 seconds. There are also three ski goggles lenses with different colors and different transmittance lenses for you to choose from, allowing you to ski in different weather and enjoy the fun that skiing brings to you.

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