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Why Use CA Lenses As Inner Lenses for Snow Goggles?

I believe that many people who love skiing are very familiar with snow board goggles. From the appearance design, color, and material of ski goggles, skiers have studied these. Among the various components of ski goggles, the ski goggle lens can be said to be the most important component. It is composed of double-layer lenses, the outer lens is a PC lens, and the inner lens is a CA lens. In the whole structure of ski goggles, ski goggle lenses play a very important role.

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The PC outer lens was mentioned before, you can click here to quickly jump to browse. As for why CA lenses are used as the inner snow goggle lenses, it has actually gone through a variety of material comparisons. Ski goggles manufacturers choose CA lenses as the inner lenses of ski goggles after careful consideration. As for why CA lenses are chosen as the inner lenses of ski goggles, there are many reasons, and here are the key points for you.

First of all, compared with PC lenses, CA lenses are comparable in hardness of the lenses, and both can withstand high-strength impacts, and the specially processed CA lenses are slightly stronger than PC lenses. Superior. Then there is the impact on sunlight. As the outer lens of snowboard goggle, PC lenses must not only withstand high-intensity impacts, but also block sunlight and other harmful rays reflected from the snow surface. If it is just a pure PC lens, it cannot do this, which is due to the good coating ability of the PC lens. However, the inner lens of the ski goggles needs to have better light transmission ability, and the PC lens is not as good as the CA lens in this respect.

Blue Spherical Ski Goggles

In addition, the CA lens can have a changeable and beautiful surface without complicated processing, and it will feel very comfortable in the hand. This is why CA materials often appear in the design of sunglasses that pay attention to tactile and visual experience. Moreover, the inner lenses of the ski goggles are very close to the eyes of people. If materials such as resin are used, after a long time of use, it will cause considerable damage to the eyes.

Moreover, CA is a recyclable material, and all kinds of finished products processed by it can be recycled and reused. This is in line with Meryone's purpose, focusing on fashion and environmental protection. Meryone snow goggles, no matter which model it is, the lens is made of PC outer lens + CA inner lens, through various coating technologies, it allows you to ski in different environments. Meryone is only to help more people enter into skiing and outdoor sports, and feel the charm of outdoor sports.

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