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PC Lens VS Glass Lens - Why Choose PC Lens for Ski Goggles?

Nowadays, there are various stylish ski goggles, which is indeed a good thing for skiers. With so many ski goggles, it is more convenient for skiers to choose. According to the lens, there are cylindrical ski goggles, spherical ski goggles, and even better toric mirrors. In order to allow skiers who wear glasses to wear ski goggles better, OTG ski goggles are specially designed.

Cylindrical snow goggles, spherical ski goggles, and toric ski goggles are distinguished according to the shape of the lens, and different ski goggles have different functions. But on the ski goggle lens, is also divided into glass lens, PC lens, and resin lens. When the technology was not very advanced, the lenses of many ski goggles were made of glass, and glass lenses had the advantages of glass lenses. First of all, the glass lens has high hardness and is scratch-resistant. If some branches are scratched during skiing, there will be no scratches, and will not affect the line of sight.

But fragility is the fatal shortcoming of glass lenses. Once the skier is hit, the glass lens is easily broken, causing great damage to your eyes. But PC lenses will not have this problem.

The ski goggle lens made of PC is extremely high in terms of strength and toughness. It may not be as good as glass lenses in terms of hardness, but the high impact strength and high elastic modulus of PC ski goggle lenses are not comparable to glass lenses. And the strength of the PC ski goggle lens is not too much. The processed PC lens can even be made into bulletproof glass.

The excellent coating ability of PC ski goggle lenses is also the reason for their increasing popularity. In different environments, ski goggle lenses with different functions are required, and the coating process can just solve this problem. This is also one of the reasons why PC is chosen as the raw material for ski goggles lenses. Ski goggles PC lens VS glass lens, PC lens is much better than a glass lens.

Meryone ski goggles, the outer lens made of PC, has undergone various coating treatments, which perfectly overcomes the disadvantage of non-wear resistance of PC material, and at the same time retains other advantages of PC material, such as high strength, high toughness, and high impact strength. It can also be used normally in a cold environment, and it is a must-have ski goggles for skiers.

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