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PC Lenses VS Resin Lenses - Why Do Ski Goggles Use PC Lenses?

Because of the gradual rise of skiing, ski goggles, a piece of ski equipment, have gradually been valued by everyone. Snow is a must for skiing, and snow reflects sunlight relatively strongly, especially fresh snow, with a maximum reflectivity of over 90%. Moreover, on high mountains, the air is thin, and the intensity of ultraviolet rays is much higher than that on the ground. If you do not wear ski goggles when skiing outdoors, it is elementary to burn your eyes and suffer from snow blindness.

When it comes to the choice of ski goggle lenses, it starts with the glass. However, due to the thick and fragile glass, there are very few ski goggles using glass as a ski goggle lens. Only a few custom ski goggles use glass lenses, but they are very expensive. The choice of ski goggle lens material, as well as resin and PC, these two materials are much better than glass.

Resin lens is a kind of lens that is more commonly used now, and it is composed of a chemical substance with a phenolic structure. Lightweight, high-temperature resistance, impact resistance, not fragile, no edges and corners when broken, safe, can effectively block ultraviolet rays, and is loved by many glasses wearers. This is also one of the raw materials for the resin to become a ski goggle lens. But the resin has a big defect, that is, it is not wear-resistant, and if it is placed in a pocket or backpack, the mirror surface may be scratched after a long time. Moreover, the softening temperature of the resin is low, and it is easy to deform and affect the optical performance.

PC lenses are much better than resin lenses in general. First of all, the high strength, high toughness, and high impact resistance of PC lenses are in line with the use standards of ski goggle lenses. Moreover, the shortcoming of PC lenses not being wear-resistant can also be solved by coating. Furthermore, the operating temperature range of the PC material is between -45°-135°, so there is no need to worry about the deformation of the ski goggle lens due to the temperature.

The Meryone ski goggles - Celestial is made of PC material as the outer lens, and the coating process makes up for the non-wearability of the PC material. And for the user experience, Meryone especially found skiers to test and solve the feedback problems. It is guaranteed that you can fully enjoy the fun of skiing while wearing Meryone ski goggles.

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