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What are the Functions of the Inner Lens of Ski Goggles?

As an outdoor sport full of fun, skiing is welcomed by more and more people in the world. More and more people are beginning to get in touch with the outdoor sport of skiing, from being half-knowledgeable at the beginning, to becoming passionate about the outdoor sport of skiing in the end. It can be seen that skiing is very attractive to many people. Everyone who has been in contact with skiing for a long time has one or more sets of ski equipment suitable for him. Among these equipment, ski goggles may be the largest number, there may be a few pairs, and there may be dozens of pairs of snow goggles.


If you are familiar with ski goggles, you will find that most ski goggles today, whether cylindrical snow goggles or spherical snow goggles, full-rim ski goggles or frameless ski goggles. Or other types of ski goggles, most of which are double-layer lenses. Why do so many ski goggles use double-layer lenses? In the past, there were ski goggles with single-layer lenses, and now there are many ski goggles with single-layer lenses. What's so good about double-layer lens ski goggles?


In fact, the double-layer lens design is to add an extra inner lens, the outer lens and the inner lens are glued together by a layer of glue, and because of the extra lens, many functions can be placed on the inner lens. Compared with the previous single-layer lens, the ski goggle lens with a double-layer design has a certain gap between the inner lens and the outer lens, and there is a lot of air inside. These air can effectively adjust the temperature difference between the inside of the ski and snowboard goggles and the outside air, and play a very good anti-fog effect.


And with the addition of the inner lens, various coating treatments can be better performed on the outer lens of the ski goggles. There is no need to do anti-fog treatment on the outer lens, and let the outer lens focus more on anti-glare and other functions. The inner lens can focus on the anti-fog effect. Coating a special anti-fog coating on the inner lens of the ski goggle can greatly improve the anti-fog effect of the ski goggle lens.


And from the material point of view, the PC outer lens tends to stress cracking. If it is a frameless ski goggle, the outer lens of the ski goggle is easily cracked by an external force. If it is a single-layer lens, it is easy to hurt your eyes. With a double-layer lens design, it can prevent the outer lens from being damaged and causing damage to the eyes.

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