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Why is the Inner Lens of Ski Goggles Can Anti-fog?

How to defog ski goggles is one of the most common problems encountered by many skiers. If it is a long time skiing, fogging of ski goggles is even more common. And fogging up your ski goggles can cause you a lot of trouble. If there is fogging of the ski goggle lenses during skiing, it will easily lead to various dangerous situations, and may cause collisions due to blurred vision, which will bring you a lot of unnecessary injuries.

How to defog ski goggles

After the appearance of double-layer lenses in ski goggles, the fogging problem of ski goggles has improved a lot. The previous ski goggles with single-layer lenses, because ski goggles with single-layer lenses did not have anti-fog treatment, and the fogging problem was more serious. Within a few minutes of wearing the ski goggles, the lens may fog up. This is not a good experience for skiers. However, the anti-fog effect of the double lens ski goggles is significantly improved, not only the inner lens is coated with anti-fog, but the inner lens and the outer lens are matched with each other, and the anti-fog effect is better.

Meryone ski goggles are designed with double-layer lenses. On the inner lens, there is a special anti-fog coating. This anti-fog coating is the key to the anti-fog of ski goggles. Whether the ski goggles can be anti-fog can be said to be very dependent on this anti-fog coating. In addition, the anti-fog coating effect of different ski goggles is different. Most of them are free from the fog for 60 seconds, and the most powerful can reach 120 seconds without fog. Of course, the actual effect needs to be experienced by yourself to know.

Meryone ski goggles

In addition to this anti-fog coating, the structure composed of the inner lens and the outer lens of the ski goggles has a small space in the middle, and the inside is filled with air. The hot air inside the ski goggles and the cold air outside the ski goggles will not directly into contact, and will pass through This space has a buffering effect to avoid direct contact between hot air and cold ski goggle lenses, causing the moisture in the hot air inside the ski goggles to liquefy and fog.

The appearance of the inner lens effectively solves the problem of anti fog for goggles, which is a boon for all ski enthusiasts, which means that you can wear ski goggles to ski freely without worrying too much about the problem of lens fogging.

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